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We’re here to show you all of the great options you can use to listen to music legally, on- and off-line. We also want to help you stay safe and legal when you’re on the internet and give you a hand staying informed about the music industry and copyright in New Zealand.

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Lorde ‘Royals’ (J.Little, O.Yelich) Sony ATV Music Publishing / Native Tongue Music Publishing. ℗ 2013 Universal Music NZ. © 2013 Universal Music NZ. Licence Courtesy Of Sony ATV Music Publishing, Native Tongue Music Publishing & Universal Music NZ.

The Naked & Famous ‘Young Blood’ (A.Xayalith, T.Powers, A.Short) Sony ATV Music Publishing. ℗ 2012 Somewhat Damaged Ltd. © 2012 Somewhat Damaged Ltd. Licence Courtesy Of Sony ATV Music Publishing & Somewhat Damaged Ltd.


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