Torrent Client Creator Vuze Takes A Stand Against Illegal Torrents

Vuze, the company behind one of the world’s most popular BitTorrent client programs, has set out their view on the issue of illegal file-sharing – it’s illegal, it’s not what they want their software used for and it’s not OK. They’ve also made clear an important point – neither torrents nor the act of torrenting are illegal, but using them to share content without permission is. To help their users as well as content creators, Vuze has provided tips on how to spot illegal torrents, lists of sources for legal torrents, an explanation of their position and a guide to helping prevent copyright infringement through their service. As everyone who enjoys the work of talented and creative people should, they “respect the rights of copyright holders, and hope and expect that you do too.”

Telecom Tech In A Sec Logo

How To Use Spotify

Telecom has put together a handy video and guide on how to sign up to and use the Spotify music streaming service – check it out to learn how to use Spotify streaming to access millions of songs over the internet.

digital file check logo

Digital File Check

Helpful software created by the IFPI to aid in finding and removing file-sharing programs and illegally shared files.


Childnet Copyright Guide

A variety of resources and guides created by Childnet International to help parents encourage children to consider the source of the content they consume.


The Arts and Copyright

A publication from the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) which helps explain the relationship between art, artists, copyright and consumers.